Biostimulating Laser Depth Effect Control®

This is a system that, through specific algorithms, shows the depth of therapeutic efficacy attainable, in graphic form


Energy Transfer Control®

This patent measures the energy transferred per unit area and allows the operator to ensure uniform treatment.

Microimpedance Measuring and Microcurrent Therapeutic System®

This system maps superficial microimpedances of the skin during the data-acquisition phase and generates repolarizing micro-currents during the active phase.

Skin Temperature Control®

This patent is implemented in a component of the handpiece. It measures the temperature of the skin before the treatment and keeps measuring it during the treatment. If the difference between the starting temperature and the temperature of the skin during the treatment gets too high, the machine will automatically emit lower quantities of energy, without interrupting the treatment, ensuring in this way maximum biostimulation and minimum risk of burning.


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