The New Method

The FP4 SYSTEM® represents the state-of-the-art in equine laser therapy, no other device on the market can match its results. We don’t want to sell you a device, we want you to acquire a methodology. Our most gratifying success derives from your results. The method is the result of combining the use of high-performance equipment after receiving an adequate training, combining it all with continuous formation.



The FP4 SYSTEM® is equipped with 2 state-of-the-art data acquisition systems, both patented, which continuously provide hard to acquire data (skin’s colour, fat, water, micro-impedances) to the algorithm which controls and modulates the laser emission, making the management and results of therapies non-operator-dependent.

The FP4 SYSTEM® is able to measure parameters which are difficult to asses, but fundamental in order to ensure that the chosen protocol is as effective as possible. These characteristics are the basis of the high performance of the device and guarantee the attainment of excellent results and in a standardized way. 

The FP4 SYSTEM® is the only laser device on the market able to guarantee excellent and consistent results, precisely because it is the result of an established method of 30 years of experience, made concrete in a number of high technology patents.


Thirty years of research has generated a unique and encrypted algorithm, resident in the software unit, that uses a complex data acquisition system automatically optimizing the management of protocols, maximizing the outcomes. 

The software is constantly updated, and updates are done via the scientific research carried out by I.A.L.T. (International Association Laser Therapy), which is actively engaged in the elaboration of data deriving from the clinical work performed by our excellence centers and the research activity conducted in collaboration with prestigious universities.


The name FP4 SYSTEM® does in fact mean frequency power four, derived from the four wavelengths of the unit. The simultaneous action of the 4 wavelenghts emitted by the FP4 SYSTEM® and properly modulated by the software unit ensure maximum biostimulation and healing effect



Formation is Essential for Us

The FP4 SYSTEM® itself is the most advanced among the high-energy laser devices, but the excellence of results is achieved by combining the use of the right equipment after receiving adequate training

In talking about formation we not only refer to the teaching of the method that takes place in the initial phase, but we rather refer to the continuing support activity from our experts, who are here for you to achieve the best therapeutic solutions for your patients.


The FP4 SYSTEM® is covered by a 4 year warranty and has zero costs of scheduled maintenance.

Assistance is available 7 days a week through our team of expert veterinarians and technicians.



The FP4 SYSTEM® laser device derives from the FP3 SYSTEM®, which is the equivalent laser device in human medicine and its applications are used in physical therapy since 1996.

The FP3 SYSTEM® is in use at some of the most important international football and sport clubs and is used and appreciated by top level athletes all around the world.


Click here to find some of the veterinarians and clinics which are enjoying our cutting-edge laser devices and are becoming an active part in the FP4 SYSTEM® research project.


The FP4 SYSTEM® is covered by 4 patents

  • Microimpedance measuring and microcurrent therapeutic system®
  • Skin temperature control®
  • Energy transfer control®
  • Biostimulating laser depth effect control®


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