AG06 HORSE SMART LASER® is a therapeutic veterinary laser, suitable for to the treatment and prevention of major degenerative and chronic diseases in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine. It has a wavelength of 810nm, appropriately modulated and controlled by a patented software that allows to model the most indicated protocols of laser therapy for various diseases.

It is the world's first highpower laser with low thermal skin impact, with a cycle of laser therapy entirely controlled by an intelligent software. It is compact, ergonomic and easy to handle, which makes it particularly suitable for outpatient and home therapies


The AG06 HORSE software is highly intuitive: the user is properly "accompanied" at all stages of data entry and at the choice of the most appropriate treatment. Maximum operational safety, thanks to the patented sensors that eliminate the need to use protective goggles or to stay in a secure environment.

The user can select the parameters of the treatment, and then immediately apply it on the patient. Waiting times between sessions last only a few minutes. It does not need a power outlet to be used.


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